The trip

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South America beckons. Its unchartered shores vast, odorous and impenetrable, its mountains tall, its languages incomprehensible. A beautiful, eclectic, sensual puzzle. Let’s go gorge upon its glorious fruit.

By the time I’ve finished volunteering I’ll have five and a half months to inhale as much of the continent as I can with little money and a penchant for improvisation.

The plan:*

– Two weeks in California, mainly San Francisco, to ease me into solo travel
– Two weeks in Medellin, Colombia for intensive Spanish lessons
– Another week exploring Colombia and travelling to Peru
– A month in Cusco, firstly visiting a girl’s school – my final volunteering project Chicuchas Wasi
– Then two or three more weeks there, including the Salkantay trek with the fam
– Four weeks in Bolivia, including some time in La Paz and a tour of the Salt Flats near Uyuni
– Three weeks in northen Chile working my way down to Santiago
– Christmas in Patagonia
– Back up to Buenas Aires for New Year’s Eve
– Flying up to Salvador, Brasil to visit family
– Back to Rio for carnival
– Fly home from Soa Paulo

*subject to change and spontaneity

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